- Do you want to stay ahead of the computer curve so that you don't feel left in the dust?

- Do you want to expand your knowledge so that YOU are that technician who people go to for advice?

- Do you want to learn an operating system so powerful and fun you'll wonder how you lived without it?



Linux is the most powerful and versatile computer operating system ever. It powers everything from 95% of the worlds super computers to everyday devices like TiVo and smartphones. ?Learning Linux opens a whole new world of job opportunities and personal control of your personal computer. ?Another bonus is that 99.9999999137% of all virus and malware created have zero effect on a Linux computer!

And most importantly, it's a blast to learn and use!



You're going to learn:
- How to install Linux in easy steps
- All the basics of Linux to get you going.
How use Linux to recover data on Windows machines
- How to customize and transform your desktop into nearly anything?imaginable
- How to create movies, CD/DVDs, audio files, etc...
- How to open/edit/create Microsoft Office documents without paying for Microsoft Office
- Using Linux in a virtual machine
- How to remove viruses with Linux...and tons more!


Wanna Taste?

Here's a sample of some of the highlights from the video entitled "Basic Basic". This is an example the quality of the videos you'll be receiving in the collection. Make sure to watch it in 720p!

Videos Included in the Collection:

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Basic Basic
4. Me Menu
5. System Testing
6. Software Center
7. PiTiVi
8. gParted

9. First To Install
10. Option Install
11. Install Chrome
12. Install LibreOffice
13. Install Uninstall
14. Installing Blobs
15. Ubuntu One
16. Software Center

17. Keyring
18. Compbiz
19. Network Shares
20. To Network Shares
21. ISO Burn Create
22. k3b
23. RhythmBox
24. Installing on a VM

Plus Two Bonus Videos For Repair Technicians!

Included in the collection also are two bonus videos for you computer repair technicians! 1) The first is how to use Linux to diagnose and recover data from damaged or dying hard drives. Learn how to get data from drives that Windows doesn't want to touch! 2) The second video covers how to do virus scanning on Windows drives by using Linux! Doing it this way almost guarantees that you will not not let the virus spread any further because you are attacking the drive from a Linux environment and the virus is basically trapped with nowhere to go. Trust me, you don't want to miss these videos if you fix computers!

10 Reasons To Learn Linux Right Now!

1. You can actually sell computers to your customers and make a profit!
2. Comes with a Microsoft Office?compatible?office suite for free
3. Requires much less expensive hardware
4. No "Activation" needed
5. 100% Completely customizable
6. More?versatile and scalable then any other operating system
7. Runs everyday software like Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe Flash, Skype and many other common applications
8. Blazing fast computing with mind blowing desktop effects
9. Easily swap out entire desktop interfaces, thus transforming user experience with no reinstall
10. 33,000+ freely downloadable pieces of software and libraries that are installable via a secure and trusted "application store"?

See What Other Real Technicians Are Saying!

Lalo Nunez - BetterPCTech.com

Did you ever want to delve into the world of?Linux?

-Are you afraid of not knowing how to do things in?Linux?
-Can you do a dual boot with Windows and?Linux?
-Can you use an Office program suite in?Linux?
Let met tell you, watching Steve McLaughlin’s videos on getting started with?Linux will answer these questions and more.

Steve?McLaughlin, host of" Linux For The Rest Of Us", also host of "Linux?Basix" has put together a fantastic new video series on just that. Learning?Linux! Steve explains and shows you how to do all this in a easy to understand way. I myself have used?Linux on and off for several years, but have got stuck in certain situations After watching these videos, all my questions were answered. I highly recommend and endorse Steve McLaughlin’s?Linux?video series.
Get your copy today!

-Mitch H. from Hanover, PA

More Testimonials!
As a new Linux user I found these videos to be exactly what I was looking for. Steve's step-by-step instructions on everything from basic program installations to more advanced topics like network shares were clear, concise, and easy to follow. These videos have given me the ability to start running Linux on a daily basis and actually understand what I am doing!!!

-Fred West Virginia

Tim Kelly - TimsComputerFix.com

Chris Barre - TechnologyAdventures.com
Terry Matthey - Computer Repair Technician

If you want to learn, then Learn From The Best!

What you are getting here is a full blown Linux education from one of the best and most sought after instructors available! Steve Mclaughlin has devoted countless hours of his life to teaching others around him, and is a household name in many a technicians home, through his efforts in podcasting, blogging, twitter, tech forums, etc... He is a computer repair technician, who has used Linux in his repair business to get more work done than you can possibly imagine!

Take advantage of his premier product that will put you on the road to having a whole new set of skills to use in both your personal life as well as your business pursuits. Linux is all around us, and to not know it is to open yourself up to the effects of this ever changing world of technology!

Learn Linux now. Use it, enjoy it, increase your profits, and better your life with it!

This video collection is instantly accessible upon purchase. That means you receive them seconds after you purchase them. It could even be 2:00am and you'll still get them instantly. They are recorded in pristine 720P HD quality. These are NOT your run-of-the-mill, poorly executed Youtube videos that you have probably have suffered through! Get the professional education and quality you deserve! Click the Buy Now button below!

Learn Linux now. You'll never be the same!


If you are not happy with this purchase for whatever reason, you may request a refund within 60 days of purchase. I'm certain you will be satisfied, but I believe in great customer service so I will accommodate you however I can.

Videos are viewable in any browser with Adobe Flash Player installed.

This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated,
affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Linux, nor have they been reviewed, tested
or certified by Linux.

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